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mpr and consumer service

Consumer protection and animal welfare are the focus of all efforts at the Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. (mpr). This statement
is the guiding principle of our organization and our mission.

Health care and consumer protection have always been of great importance in all activities on the basis of the original task description for the mpr in its statue of 1971. This approach seems quite remarkable, especially in the context of the 1970s.

Nowadays it goes without saying that food safety and consumer protection are always considered, managed and analyzed along the entire milk food chain in a risk-oriented manner.

Legal requirements are made by the EU-food hygiene regulations in these days. According to these regulations, it is not only the dairies but also the dairy farmers in their role as food business operators that are given a high level of responsibility for food safety.

mpr plays an important role within the framework of the self-control system of food business operators as a so-called “self-help institution” on the one hand. On the other hand, the mpr conducts examinations of raw milk samples on behalf of dairies.

mpr ensures comprehensive quality control of the milk delivered to Bavarian dairies as a customer service.  It also has an interface function for other stakeholders of the milk chain food in order to make milk as safe as possible.