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The Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. as a registered non-profit association unites all interest groups of the Bavarian dairy community. It acts on behalf of the Free State of Bavaria and its members.

All organizations which have legal capacity, which operate all across Bavaria and which perform activities in the field of milk production, milk processing or the representation of consumers' interests can become a member. The Executive Board decides on written applications for admission.

Currently, the following organizations are members of Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. and are consequently represented by one person with a voting-right at the general meeting.

Bayerischer Bauernverband

Represented by: Charlotte Roth

Max-Joseph-Str. 9
80333 München

Homepage BBV

Verband der Bayerischen Privaten Milchwirtschaft e.V.

Represented by: Tobias Häusl

Kaiser-Ludwig-Platz 2
80336 München

Homepage VBPM

Verband der Milcherzeuger Bayern e. V.

Represented by: Dr. Hans-Jürgen Seufferlein

Max-Joseph-Str. 9
80333 München

Homepage VMB

Genossenschaftsverband Bayern e.V.

Represented by: Dr. Stefanie Gabler

Türkenstr. 22-24
80333 München

Homepage GVB

Landeskuratorium der Erzeugerringe für tierische Veredelung in Bayern e.V.

Represented by: Josef Hefele

Landsberger Str. 282
80687 München

Homepage LKV

Milchindustriegruppe Allgäu e.V.

Represented by: Rafael Schüle

Kemptener Str. 17-24
87493 Lauben/Allgäu


DHB-Netzwerk Haushalt Landesverband Bayern e.V.

Represented by: Rosemarie Weber

Zeugplatz 3
86150 Augsburg

Homepage DHB

Interessengemeinschaft Privater Milchverarbeiter Bayerns e.V.

Represented by: Alfred Mayr

Industriestraße 6
86690 Mertingen

General Meeting

A general meeting shall be held at the request of the board or at the request of at least 1/3 of the members. As a rule, two general meetings shall be held per year. However, the general meeting must be held at least once within the first 6 months of the business year. The representation of the members shall be carried out by their representative bodies or by persons authorised by them.

Supervisory Board

The tasks of the Supervisory Board are defined in § 9 of the Articles of Association. These include advising and supervising the Executive Board. The number of members of the Supervisory Board corresponds to the number of members of the Association. Each member of the Association appoints one member of the Supervisory Board. Members of the Executive Board can not be members of the Supervisory Board at the same time. The chairman of the supervisory board and his deputy shall be elected by the members of the supervisory board.