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Quality control in accordance with the raw milk quality and payment regulation (RohmilchGütV)

The “ordinance to promote the quality of raw milk” regulates the testing frequency for

  • fat and protein content
  • somatic cell count
  • bacterial count
  • determination of freezing point
  • verification of the absence of inhibitors

Moreover, the regulation sets limit values for bacteriological quality and somatic cell count relevant for the payment.


Test criteria   Averaging and accounting period
Fat/protein content   Weighted arithmetic mean of the current month
Somatic cell count   Geometric mean over 3 months
Bacteriological quality/Bacterial count   Geometric mean over 2 months
Determination of freezing point   Weighted arithmetic mean of the current month
Verification of absence of inhibitors   Only single values of the current month are relevant


The tasks of the Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. also include the classification of the results with regard to payment of the delivered milk and also data communication for the billing of the milk to the dairies and its assigned data centers.

Raw MilK Payment

The raw milk payment is regulated in the "ordinance to promote the quality of raw milk". The results of the activities of the Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. are a very important basis regarding the milk payment of the dairies to the farmers.


All samples are taken by automatic sampling devices in the milk collecting trucks and are analyzed under a strict quality management regime with no advance notice to the dairy farmers. These samples form the basis of the laboratory analyses for fat, protein, somatic cell count, total bacterial count, freezing point and inhibitors.

LIMIT VALUES WHICH APPLY to the quality payment are regulated by the mgvo as following:

Bacterial count limit   ≤ 100.000 germs/ml
Somatic cell count limit   ≤ 400.000 cells/ml
Limit value freezing point    -0,515 °C

No inhibitors verifiable